All Natural Acne & Acne Scar Treatment Using Organic Oils By Sweet Essentials

All Natural Acne & Acne Scar Treatment Using Natural Oils

Posted on 19 June 2016

Acne. Its one of those things we dread the most. Acne is irritating, embarrassing, and out right annoying. Many people use chemical based solutions to mask and prevent acne. While these may sometimes work there is a better inexpensive all natural solution. All Natural Oils.  

All natural oils work with your skin to prevent and heal acne and acne scars. One in particular, Tamanu Oil. Tamanu oil encourages rapid growth of new cells, and repairs skin tissues. It rejuvenates the skin, eliminates dead cells and promotes rapid healing. Tamanu oil is used world wide as an all natural acne treatment and an all natural scar reduction treatment. Tamanu oil also has great antibacterial properties. 

How to use:
Face: Because Tamanu oil is a thicker oil it is best used at bed time. Apply a few drops before bed to a clean face. Upon waking, wash face with a gentle fragrance free soap. Can follow with a daytime oil routine. Results should be seen within 1-2 weeks.

Scar: Apply to scar before bed and after bathing. Signs of reduction and healing should show within 2-4 weeks.

Common Misconception

Putting an oil on your face will cause more acne/breakouts. This is untrue. Our skin produces oil all day long and needs oil to protect and moisturize itself. Without oil it will become dry, damaged and age more quickly.

Great Daily Oil Routine Recipe

2oz Jojoba Oil
8 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
Mix together. Apply after morning face wash.

Both Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil have great benefits in acne prevention.

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