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How To Use Oils

How to use oil in hair?

Apply a few drops to your hands and gently rub the oil around the palm of your hands. Then gently scrunch or rub the oil onto damp towel dry hair. Starting at the ends working your way up. Allow your hair to rest for 5 minutes. Style as usual. 

Those with fine hair or naturally oily hair should avoid the scalp area. Those with thick or dry hair may need more oil. 

IMPORTANT RULE: Everyone's hair is different. While an oil may work for 1,000 people it may not work for you. You will need to experiment with oils and find the right oil and amount that works for your hair and hair type. Just follow the simple steps above until you find the one best for you. 


How to use rosewater as a facial toner?

Apply rosewater to a cotton ball or pad. Gently rub the face, hairline, eye area, neck and around the ears. It is suggested that the rosewater be used in the morning when your face is most oily and before bed to cleanse away the accumulated dust, dirt, and makeup.


How to use oils on the face?

Cleanse face with your favorite cleanser. It is suggested that you use one free of alcohol, dyes, and fragrance. These are drying for the skin and more so for the face. Our Rosewater or Orange Blossom Water make a great option for a cleanser. 

Apply a few drops to palm of hands and gently rub palms together spreading and heating the oil. Gently rub the oil onto your face, neck eye area and around ears. Avoid tugging and pulling the delicate skin on your face. Opt for circular motions. 

It is best to apply at night right before bed. Body temperatures rise at night and this allows the oils to absorb better and more efficiently. Cleanse face in the morning. 


How to use oils on the body?

It is suggested that oils be applied after bathing. This is because when bathing you wash away your skin's natural oils. These oils need to be replenished to keep skin youthful and hydrated. This also cleanses the skin prior to using the oil.

Apply your favorite oil to towel dry skin within 10 minutes of bathing. 


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