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Organic Essential Oils Carry the Physical Effects of the Plants and Flowers

Posted on 19 June 2016

Organic essential oils carry the physical effects of the plants and flowers in an extremely concentrated form. They are the essence of the flower or plant and able to provide therapeutic well-being in very small doses. The particles in these essential oils can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and their use has been traced back thousands of years. Essential oils hold antibacterial qualities and offer other benefits including pain relief, stimulation, relaxation and healing. Some of the more common ways essential oils are used include aromatherapy, bathing in them, in a compress, massage therapy and burning them in a diffuser.

Essential oils are convenient as they are quick and easy to use. You can simply wear them during the day or diffuse them at home or at your place of work. They can be used as a massage oil and they can enhance concentration and meditation.

Essential oils are able to penetrate the skin and reach the emotional center of your body. That is, these oils penetrate the skin and reach the parts of your brain that control mood and emotions. This is why they are used to help you handle stress, anger and other emotions.

Essential oils support a healthy digestive system. Peppermint oil has been used for years and is highly regarded for its ability to soothe digestion issues.

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