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100% Pure Organic Olive Squalane Oil | Imported From Italy

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Naturally occurring in our own bodies, it is among the most common lipids produced by human skin cells, making up approximately 20 percent of our sebum. On the skin’s surface it acts as a barrier, both protecting the skin from moisture loss and providing a shield for the body from environmental toxins.

Although Squalane is an integral part of our skins tissues, as we age the levels can reduce quite significantly, which impairs the natural function of our skin. It is thought that this decline is partly responsible for the aging process, which is why Squalane makes the perfect ingredient for a mature skin type.

Source: Olives / Natural Vegetable / Vegan
Color: Clear
Scent: None
Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Olive Squalane Oil 
Amount: Measured by volume not weight
Bottles: Sealed Cosmetic grade plastic bottles. Made for oils and will not degrade the quality of oils. To keep Oils at the best quality they need to be kept in dark bottles away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Glass Amber Bottles Available

Squalane is not new to your skin, for our body produces a small amount. However, most people do not synthesize enough of this vital oil, which can lead to rough, dry aging skin. Because Squalane oil is so fine it is absorbed deep into the skin leaving no oily film-with amazing quickness. This smooth, deep penetration assists in the acceleration of new cell growth. It also helps to discourage the growth of bacteria that can block normal cell development.

  • Boosts Cell Regeneration and Oxygenation.
  • Enhances skin elasticity and moisture retention
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Protects against sun damage
  • Prevents age spots
  • Imparts relief to dehydrated
  • Softens rough & irritated skin
  • Boosts new cell growth
  • Can be used by all skin types including those with oily or acne-prone skin
  • Helpful in counteracting Eczema, Psoriasis, and post-operative skin

How To Use: 
To achieve the benefits of Squalane oil is not difficult. It takes only a few minutes a day. Always apply to clean prewashed skin. This helps the oil absorb better into the skin. Only a few drops are needed at a time.

For Anti Aging: 
Referred to as “Face Lift In A Bottle” Squalane Oil is an amazing anti aging product. To use apply to a clean face. Apply a few drops before bed for best results. This is because our body temperature rises at night and this will help the oil absorb better and deeper. Also apply to face after bathing as the skin natural oils have just been washed away. This will also cause the oil to be absorbed better and deeper.

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